The Whole Group

Opening Ceremony

Pagri/Keski Tying Demonstration

Daily Keertan Divaans

Karate Training

Gatka Demonstration

Gatka Training


Harmonium and Tabla Classes

Speech Competition

Sikh History Written Quiz Competition

Workshops and Other Activities

Prabhat Feri in the Early Hours

Charni Lagna Ceremony

Pagri/Keski Tying Competition - 1 of 2

Pagri/Keski Tying Competition - 2 of 2

Free Day

Free Day - Potato Sack Race

Free Day - Tug-of-War

Free Day - Balloons by Brenda Hardy

Free Day - Hula-Hoop

Free Day - Jump Rope

Skits Presentation - 1 of 2

Skits Presentation - 2 of 2

Sikh Concert with Dr. Gurutrang Singh

Evening Sports!!


Closing Ceremony

Prize Distribution

Bhai Manjeet Singh Jee

Random Keertan Jamming