Guru Harkrishan Institute of Sikh Studies (GHISS) has been making efforts from the past 25 years of it's existence to expose the new Sikh generations of the western world to the principles and values of Sikhism. To achieve this goal, GHISS has conducted a number of camps, retreats, workshops, seminars, etc. in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and other States as well. The Gurmat and Punjabi Studies program plays a major role in this endeavor.

The Gurmat and Punjabi Studies Program was first initiated in the Spring of 1995 and has been held at various different locations including Recreation Centers of the Maryland Parks and Planning Commission and various Gurdwara facilities. GHISS has conducted 47 Semesters so far in which more than 800 unique kids have received Gurmat and Punjabi education.

Over the course of these years, GHISS has come up with a comprehensive syllabus that has proven itself to be a working solution to teach the Punjabi Language to kids of different ages. The kids are divided into levels based on their Punjabi reading and writing skills. Each new student has to undergo an admission test and the different levels are examined during the semester by a mid-term and final exam.

The program is run by a very efficient, dedicated and motivated staff comprising of Gursikh volunteers. Every student is given individual attention and the parents are apprised of the progress of their child on a regular basis.

The classes start at 2.30 pm on Saturdays and end at 6.00 pm. The class starts with a Kirtan assembly followed by a Punjabi Class and a Gurmat/Sikh History Class . The kids get a 15 minute break (known as "Candy Break"!) between the classes and Snacks at the end.


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